Day 2: Teacher Reflections on our first excursion

Several children tied in their work with shadows that they have been doing in science (working with sundials).  They held their leaves up to the dappled lights from the trees and played with the blocks of shadow shapes made with their hands.

Quite a few children were interested in the writing instruments which led to discussions on the history of writing and how humans could have communicated to each other- what tools they could have used ( this leads in beautifully to our cosmic education great lessons!).

One child also discovered a beautiful brown garden spider camouflaged on a piece of bark from the tree –  the children discussed that the forest belonged to the animals so they helped me carefully ensure that it was safe in its natural environment.   Several children also noticed the soil slowly filling up their containers after coming dislodged from the Quandong seeds.  This led to the discussion of the importance of soil to plants and animals in the forest.

Some children debated whether or not they were considered a part of nature or were separate from of which of course I am sure will stimulate further debate in the classroom.

Thanks for a successful first excursion!




1 thought on “Day 2: Teacher Reflections on our first excursion

  1. Lovely comments Jackie, Thank you. And thank you also to Katrina and to the parents that were there.

    I also think its useful to note here what we three discussed this morning – that we really do NEED MORE PARENT HELPERS FOR THE ONGOING SUCCESS of our project. Like you’ve said in the newsletter, this project’s success relies on parent involvement. Of course, this also means we can give back to these parents and the community! 🙂

    So please parents, help us out on our outings. If we can focus on teaching and facilitating learning, exploring art and the forest instead of watching the kids then its going to be so much more worthwhile.

    PLEASE WE REALLY NEED YOU 🙂 NEXT STOP: THURSDAY 28 JULY to the Wildlife Centre at Brisbane Forest Park!

    -Jen (Artist)

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