Day 1: Artist Reflections on day 1

Some outcomes from this exercise came about that are very relevant to my research into emergence as well as resonating with the concept that seeing is something that is an active process of construction. It came about because the mirror drawings of the leaves were so close that when the mirror images were drawn, they would / could overlap. It was very very interesting to see how the children handled this: some children would shrink one or both drawings so that they could sit side by side. Some rubbed out the area of overlap and when I pointed out the faint pencil marks of overlapping shapes, they said that was a mistake. Some children opted to draw only one of the leaves. A few of them also drew them as overlapping. These overlapping drawings, such as those of the following 2 examples, are of particular interest to me.

Example 1: When I asked this young boy about the area of overlap/ intersection in his drawing he said there was a new leaf there! I then had him explore and work up that new leaf. His added detail includes insect trails eating the leaf as well as veins in the leaf.

Example 2: Another child and I discussed the form of her “new” emergent leaf created from the overlapping areas. She wasn’t interested in drawing and detailing it further, but today I collected a leaf that corresponds in shape and size to her new creation. We discussed it together and matched it to her drawing today. For me, It was fascinating to see these how new forms emerged and this active process of interpretation.