Day 2: Excursion No1 to the Kedron Brooke area

This morning we went to the Kedron Brooke area behind the school. Children were tasked with (1) finding bauhinia and quandong trees (2) looking at the water in the creek to see it behave as both a mirror (what does it reflect) and a window, something to look through (what do you see). Lastly they were asked to find and collect symmetrical and interesting things (3). The following is some photographic documentation of this trip.


Residency starts next week!

I’m starting my residency in the Ellipse room at Grovely State School on Wednesday 20 July. How exciting! On Thursday 21st we all hope to go for a walk around the Kedron Brooke area – getting acquainted with each other and the forest habitat that the school backs on to.

I’m in residence in the Ellipse room on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, up until Friday 2 September. I’ll be working in the background or with the children or running around organising equipment and making purchases for our collaboration.